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Welcome to Hannah Estelle YOGA

If we haven’t yet met, my name is Hannah - the namesake of Hannah Estelle Yoga + Founder of Bodhi Eden, Epsom! When I’m not actively teaching or studying Yoga, you can find me busying myself in the leafy suburbs of Surrey, mumming my two offspring + teeny dog.


To my friends + family I’m best known for list writing, connecting + conversing, + getting s**t done! I love a bit of design + crafting… although full-disclosure: I’m still working on that cross-stitch from 10 years ago!


I am also an experienced Yoga Teacher (RYT 500Hr & E-RYT 200Hr) + Holistic Healer hoping to awaken the paradise within you, through the feel-good transformational practice of Yoga, + with a bit of sound + energy work to boot!

Oh good day to you!



HEY, HEY! It's all YOGA!

If you've been thinking about Yoga, wanting to increase flexibility, calm your mind, or nourish + nurture your ever-changing body then you're in the right place...

 Do you want to build confidence +   knowledge whilst experiencing a personal   approach to Yoga tuition? 

 A 1:1, Small Grp, Corporate or Event session   could be perfect for you! 



Hot Hot YOGA

If you're looking for a fun challenge that will help you improve balance, co-ordination + spine flexibility then look no further than these 26 asanas + 2 breathing exercises! Build your stamina + determination Bikram Style!

In each and every class you will: 

  • Complete 26 asanas (postures) + 2 breathing exercises

  • Build strength + stamina

  • Improve flexibility + muscle tone

  • Improve mental concentration

  • Reduce stress + ease symptoms of depression

  • Rev up your respiration + metabolism

  • Leave with a heightened sense of peace + relaxation

All levels welcome.

Thanks Hannah! I was so stiff today and that was just what my back needed. Feeling great xx

Aimee, 37

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Parent + Baby YOGA

Look no further - a Parent focused Yoga where babies are welcome! All parents - fathers, grandparents, carers are welcome but please note that there will be some emphasis on Postpartum Healing for Mum. Plus get a cuppa for FREE, on me!


This class is for you if: 

  • You'd love to release tension from your body + mind

  • You know you need to develop more mobility, flexibility + strength plus improve your posture

  • You need a better quality of sleep

  • You'd like some time to connect with baby

  • You want to have fun + meet like-minded care givers

All welcome.

Babies up to Crawlers.

It was really good - thank-you! We all had fun xx

Rachel, 32



Hatha YOGA

Do you want to ease yourself into an original + gentle Yoga practice? Cultivate a better balance in your body, mind + energy? Then 'Ha' (Sun) 'Tha' (Moon) may be the just the ticket for you! 

In each and every class you will: 

  • Complete a sequence of asanas (postures) which incorporates breath work + aspects of meditation

  • Enhance strength + flexibility

  • Improve balance in the body

  • Improve flexibility + range of motion

  • Build core strength + engagement

  • Recognise your mental + physical potential

  • Leave with a heightened sense of peace + relaxation

All levels welcome.

Great class - got rid of my headache and made me feel like new x

Maria, 34




For a gentle, holistic healing practice then look no further! Using the universal life force energy, Reiki aims to rebalance, reduce stress + increase relaxation... now how lovely does that sound?!

In each and every session you will: 

  • Lay (or sit) comfortably whilst receiving healing Universal energy where you need it most

  • Cultivate deep relaxation

  • Rebalance the body/mind/soul connection

  • Reduce stress + anxiety

  • Stimulate energy + mental clarity

  • Relieve pain + discomfort

  • Leave with a heightened sense of peace + relaxation

All welcome.

Thank-you for this wonderful experience! I feel ready to tackle the day! x

Jack, 33




Are you looking for a more functional approach to gaining a deep

understanding of your body + mind? Improve your mobility? Give yourself time + space to relax + let go? Then Yin is the answer. Yin is always the answer!

In each and every class you will: 

  • Hold predominately floor (or wall) postures for extended periods of time

  • Target the connective tissues + fascia

  • Work to your 'edge' in each stretch

  • Increase circulation in the joints

  • Improve flexibility + mobility

  • Regulate the body's energy to balance the internal organs + systems

  • Leave with a heightened sense of peace + relaxation

All levels welcome.

I slept so well last night! You are a Yin yoga wizard x

Gemma, 39

SH - Bowls Double Stir.png



Are you seeking a unique sonic experience that has the potential to boost your energy? Alter your brainwave state into that of deep meditation? And clear any energy blockages in the body? Ding dong, look no further!

In each and every session you will: 

  • Lay (or sit) comfortably whilst allowing sounds, vibrations + frequencies to wash over you

  • Reduce stress + anxiety

  • Resonate the body back to good health through brain entrainment

  • Improve sleep

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Cleanse negative energy + emotions

  • Leave with a heightened sense of peace + relaxation

All welcome.

I feel relaxed but also energised! Thank you for all the healing energy x

Riikka, 39

Client Love

Client Love

"I first joined Hannah's Yoga class as something to bond with my girlfriend over. What I expected was a bit of balance, a good stretch and some relaxation. What I got was all of that and more! I really enjoyed it; so much so that, when I can, I continue to join from across the pond. If you're looking for quality yoga instruction without the pretence and some bonus laughs, I highly recommend giving Hannah's classes a go"

Adam, 39

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