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HEY - I'm Hannah Estelle!

About ME


If we haven’t yet met, my name is Hannah - the namesake of Hannah Estelle Yoga! When I’m not actively teaching or studying Yoga, you can find me busying myself in the leafy suburbs of Surrey, mumming my two offspring and teeny dog.


Although I might be a chatty, organisational nut, I really feel like I have come home since bringing Yoga into my life. I truly adore the art, science and practice of this beautiful shape shifting; mind-altering lifestyle and I hope to share all I know with you.


My transformational Yogic journey really began when I discovered Bikram Hot Yoga in the Summer of 2013, having flirted with Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga during my 20's. I was depressed, heavy & unhappy. Yoga gave me the ability to move away from the meds, shrink my body in inches and feel the best I ever have from the inside-out. The challenges of the hot room, and the discipline of the 26 asanas combined with breathing helped me to reconnect with my ‘Self’.


So I took the leap of faith, continuing the momentum of my practice I embarked upon a 500-hour Hot Yoga teacher-training course in New York City - graduating in November 2015 - where I also gained a certification in Yoga for Kids & Families. I was introduced to chanting and meditation during this time and found it to be another way 'in' to a calmer, more peaceful life.


Never one to rest on my laurels, just a year later I decided to add Yin Yoga & Chakra Theory to my CV, favouring the long holds and deep work into connective tissue as a complete contrast to the yang yoga that forms the basis of my work today. Yin is simple, challenging and restorative - all at once!

I joined the 'motherhood' club in 2017, and my overall health and wellbeing took a downward spiral, as I found so little time to practice and take care of myself. I went on to train in Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Baby Yoga & Baby Massage. My new-found knowledge and deeper appreciation of the human form helped me to gain perspective, and a sense of control, over my second pregnancy and the challenges of birthing a baby during a Global Pandemic and the UK's first Lockdown of 2020.

Music & sound has always played an important role in my life, my degree and MA are steeped in this world, so it felt natural to embark upon the next chapter of my journey in this space. Singing bowls, voice, drumming and more, I hope you’ll let me bathe you in unique, healing Sound experiences soon!


I like to take a gentle, conscious approach to moving the body, trying always to connect breath with movement, believing that this is where the yoga happens. Whatever you do on the mat, in the moment is ok, as long as you are working with the body and mind, not against it. 


By the end of your class I hope to leave you feeling more happy, peaceful and relaxed. To feel transformed; awakened to the paradise within you.​


Hannah x

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